Thumper Mini Pro best handheld massager athletes


Thumper Mini Pro

The Thumper Mini Pro is an all in one massager that is designed to relieve muscle aches and pains, increase blood flow and warm up muscles. Designed both for private and professional use it is the ideal device for sports people and the general public. It provides a deep tissue massage to affected areas using a variety of speed settings in one personal portable device.

Needing no adjustments, it is easy to carry and use. The dual sphere head penetrates up to ¼” into the muscle fiber allowing for one of the deepest massages available from a portable device. The adjustable speed dial allows for a pulse rate of 20, 30 or even 40 pulses per seconded generating heat and energy which is directed into the muscle areas.

All this design comes with the patented Thumper technology which combines for an impressive all body massage. Its sleek design means no added pressure is needed with the device and you can simply hold it above the area which requires attention and allow the thumper to work deep into the muscle and provide the relief that is needed. Its shape and design allow for either a two-handed or one-handed grip, depending on the area of the body that requires attention.

With a maximum rate of up to 2400 pulses per minute, you are guaranteed a revitalizing massage and relief of any aches or pains that you have. It’s DC motor ensures high power and performance from each use.

Thumper Mini Pro

Thumper mini pro key features:

  • Easy to clean device.
  • No need for additional oils, the mini pro can work on dry skin and through light clothing.
  • Adjustable speed settings allow for a light or deep massage.
  • No additional pieces allow for easy transport.
  • Hand manufactured in Canada ensuring the highest quality of materials and assembly.
  • Provides a professional level deep massage in a portable device.
  • Utilizes patented Thumper technology for the best user experience.

Thumper mini pro specifications:

  • Size: 13″ L x 6″ W x 5.5″ H (33 cm x 15 cm x 14 cm)
  • Weight: 3 lbs. (1.4 kg)
  • FDA Class 1 approved
  • Electrically approved UL, CSA, CE
  • 2-year warranty

Customers Impressions:

Due to Thumper, mini pros professional design and robust use, users are very positive in their feedback. The deep penetration and adjustable speed settings allow for concentrated and positive results from the mini pro.

The Thumper mini pro handheld massage for athletes has brilliant reviews.

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Overall satisfaction with the Thumper mini pro is high with many reviewers commending its size and easy use in the home. Providing professional level result with personal use, especially amongst sportsperson is noted throughout the reviews.

For more lasting aches and pains, many reviewers state leaving the device in position will lead to a higher quality deep tissue massage.

Although some reviews have noted there are some issues with power. Other reviewers have stated with proper care and following of instructions, the device lasts as it is stated and works brilliantly.


  • Penetrates deep into the muscle with correct use.
  • Lack of adjustments means it is easily portable and easy to use.
  • It allows for professional and athletic use.
  • Its Ergonomic handle allows for reach to all the muscle groups.
  • Speed settings allow for a customizable use.


  • Battery life can be an issue with some models as stated in online reviews.
  • Necessary to hold the device in position to feel maximum depth penetration.
  • Weight can make it a little difficult to use as you learn how to handle the device correctly.


The mini thumper is an ideal device for athletes use to increase blood flow, generate muscle activity and relieve stress. An all in one device which requires no additional pieces means it is very useful to more remotely if required in different areas. For someone who wants a professional result but in the comfort of their own home, this is the ideal device.