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The Stick Muscle Massage Body Stick HD2400

Muscle Stick HD2400


The Stick is an ideal handheld massager tool that can be used solo or with a partner to improve circulation and blood flow while helping eliminate muscle pain and soreness. Massaging with The Stick can help improve flexibility, shorten recovery and enhance performance. The fact that it’s portable and handheld makes it an ideal choice for use at home and in the workplace.


The Body Stick HD-2400 is a portable handheld massage tool for athletes up to 6’ with a medium build who are moderately flexible. The Stick is a great option for athletes and runners needing to have a massage tool on-hand to work on tight and painful muscles.

Additionally, The Stick is a workable solution for employers to have in the workplace to help employees doing physical work to avoid repetitive strain injuries and muscle pain. Using this handheld massage tool gives users a convenient solution for muscle-enhancing massage and to treat injuries so you’re always ready for action.

Key features:

The Sports massage roller stick for athletes is a portable and user-friendly handheld massager. It’s only 24” long and can easily be used at home, in the car (when you’re stuck in traffic) or at work. The Stick gives immediate relief and is particularly useful to roll out muscle tension and knots in the quads and TFL. The Stick is easy to use and doesn’t require any detailed instructions from your physical therapist may recommend some specific exercises if you’re recovering from an injury or surgery.

The Stick is designed to work on all major muscle groups though it’s pretty difficult to use on your arms (without a partner) and you have to be somewhat flexible to use it on your shoulders. You can tell when it’s working if you’re ‘feeling the burn’ but the best thing is you choose the pressure that suits you best.


The Stick handheld massager is basically a 24” stick weighing only 14 ounces with a solid core and 15 white plastic spindles with ergonomic blue hand grips at each end. The spindles rotate to compress and stretch out muscles reducing pain and increasing flexibility and blood flow. It is quite rigid and bends slightly in the middle giving a great massage to the ‘average’ person—meaning up to 6’ in height with moderate flexibility and average body mass. There are two longer versions (27” and 30”) for taller and more heavily-muscled people and a shorter version (17”) for travel.

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User impressions:

Users love The Stick—USA Today, HBO and Inside the NFL have all reviewed it favorably in addition to many satisfied customers who report that it has helped with post-operative recovery for knee surgery, knee replacements and scar tissue as well as alleviating pain from pulled muscles, inflammation and neck stiffness.

The Stick is a fabulous tool for athletes both young and old from runners to swimmers as well as those who do cross-fit, ballet, and team sports. The fact that you can use The Stick immediately after your workout means that it’s possible to stop muscle stiffness before it starts as well as increasing blood flow to help with post-workout recovery. Users of The Stick are not only athletes though as it can help anyone experiencing muscle stiffness or who would like to improve their flexibility. It’s been recommended by coaches, physical therapists, massage therapists and orthopedic surgeons for use at home as a complement to treatments, speed recovery and enhance well-being and performance.

The Stick works on knots, stiffness, and fascia in all major muscle groups like the calves, the quads, the glutes, the lower back, the hamstrings and the IT band. It’s a bit more challenging to use for the upper body especially if you’re not flexible but you can always work with a partner to access the outer biceps, shoulders, neck and upper back. Overall users of The Stick are a satisfied group of people who are happy with their purchase and see it as a tool that significantly enhances their lives.


Muscle Stick HD2400


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Treats major muscle groups
  • Accessible (can be used almost anywhere)


  • Difficult to access upper body
  • Can be challenging to get necessary pressure for users with limited strength


The sports massage roller stick is an affordable and accessible tool for athletes and anyone suffering from muscle tightness or body pain as well as those who want to increase their flexibility and blood flow. The fact that it is portable and easy to use makes it an ideal solution for the majority of users.